Channel Letter Signs Get Your Business Seen.

Indoors or Out, Channel Letters Make Your Brand Stand Out…Literally.

The most popular type of signage, channel letters help any business stand out. In a channel letter sign, three dimensional letters, numbers or other elements are combined and arrayed into a sign presentation.

Channel letter signs from B Sign Group can be used for interior or exterior signage. They can be illuminated or unilluminated. Illuminated channel letters can be front-lit, backlit, edge-lit or cloud-lit using LED technology for even lighting. (Energy efficient LED illumination offers lower overall maintenance and utility costs, and higher visibility than fluorescent bulbs.) Channel letters can be flush-mounted or raceway mounted, and have a trim cap or be trimless.

B Sign Group can create a channel letter sign for you from an existing logo, or our skilled design team can create a channel sign design from scratch, utilizing carefully chosen typefaces, colors, sizes and dimension to create an attention-grabbing channel letter sign that will get your business noticed.

Each letter is typically made using aluminum sheeting and acrylic. Channel letter signs are highly flexible, and can be made using a wide variety of typefaces, sizes, depths and colors.

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