Make A Statement With A Beautiful Monument Sign Or Pylon Sign.

Set Your Business Apart with a Stunning Monument or Pylon Sign.

Monument and pylon signs from B Sign Group are among the most substantial alternatives available to get your business seen. Monument signs rest on the ground and typically rise to eye level. Pylon signs are mounted on a large pole or pylon and can be as tall as zoning ordinances and the laws of physics permit.

Monument signs typically offer more flexibility in terms of design and construction. They can be as simple as a rectangular cabinet with routed letters on a cement foundation, or a beautiful brick and mortar structure surrounding a sign made of a variety of materials and techniques. Monument signs can be illuminated with interior or exterior lighting. 

Pylon signs may not offer as many design options, but they make up for it in sheer visibility, rising above surrounding structures so they can be seen at a distance. They’re nearly always illuminated with interior lighting.

B Sign Group specializes in monument and pylon signs of every type and size, with a whole host of options. We create monument signs with brick, concrete or aluminum bases. Pylon signs from 2’ to 40’ in height. Signs with LED message boards or lightboxes. Signs for business centers that can accommodate a number of tenant panels…and much more

If your business or organization is considering the impact of a monument or pylon sign, from a simple business name or logo to a completely custom design, B Sign Group’s designers can take your needs, considerations, ideas and budget into consideration to create an incredible sign for your business. 

Since 1955, B Sign Group has made thousands of custom signs for businesses in Indiana, Kentucky, throughout the midwest and beyond. There’s truly no limit to our creativity or craftsmanship. Call 888-561-0007 or 812-949-7446 for monument or pylon sign creation today.

Bryan C.

“Could not say enough good things. These guys are real pros. I had a dream. They made it a reality. Don’t go anywhere else!”